If the water table in your home or area is too high, there is a likelihood of water seeping into your foundation and basement. This usually happens in times of heavy downpour, when there is excessive snow melting and also when the levels of water on the ground are at their peak. Depending on the levels of the water and other factors, this will mean you as a homeowner will experience dampness in the house or flooding. Flooding is something you would want to avoid at all costs, but even minor water leaks and dampness can lead to serious damage to the foundation, hence the need for a sump pump. The following are reasons why sump pumps are important in every home.


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Reduce Dampness


A sump pump is installed in a sump pit. When the water rises to a certain level, the sump pump turns on automatically with the help of the pressure sensor. The pump removes this water before it reaches your home. This prevents dampness, which can become a breeding home for mildew, mold, and fungus. Reduced dampness prevents your home from insects and termites infestations. A warm and dry home will also prevent any installed metal appliances, pipes, etc. from rust and corrosion.


Prevent Flooding


Research shows that over 90% of basements may experience some water problems at some point. The water problems can create havoc in your home leading to damaged flooring and furniture.  A sump pump should be installed in the lowest parts of the basement to prevent these losses. The sump pump will prevent any flooding and also keep the area under your home warm and dry throughout the year.


Prevents Wall Paint And Coverings From Peeling


When the water leaks into the foundation and the basement, the walls of your home retain a lot of moisture, and this causes dampness. This moisture leads to the destruction of wall coverings, and the wall paint begins to peel off. With a sump pump in place, your wall paint will stay in good condition, and the coverings will be protected from damage. If you need help in installing a sump pump, you can seek the services of a plumber.


Maximizes The Property Value


A recurring flooding problem can lead to a decrease in the home value due to the destruction of items such as foundation, walls, floors, electric systems, plumbing systems, carpets, tiles among others.  A consistent water seepage issue in your home will be a leading cause to discourage any potential buyers. The installation of a sump pump prevents all forms of water damage hence maximizing the value of your home.

In conclusion, your best defense when it comes to flooding in your home is installing a sump pump in your basement. Once it is installed, you should ensure it has a power backup system and an alarm that will alert you when there is flooding. The backup system will use battery power to keep the sump pump working when the power goes out. To keep your sump pump working efficiently for many years, you will have to check it regularly to ensure its readiness for flood conditions. It is crucial to consult an experienced plumber when choosing a sump pump.  A professional plumber will install any sump pump and discharge piping that fits all your needs and perform maintenance for you as well.