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A sump pump is all that stands between many Northern Virginia home owners and disaster.In Northern Virginia the spring and summer are known for sudden, violent lightning storms that bring with them lots and lots of rain. Rain that often finds its way into the basements’ of the area’s homes. Basements that are increasingly renovated into additional living space. Combined, these factors are a receipt for disaster. Unless the home is equipped with a reliable sump pump.

Many people don’t even think about their home’s sump pump. Often buried in the very back of their basement, it embodies “out of sight, out of mind.” What most people forget is that their sump runs on the electricity in their home. When do most power outages happen? In the middle of violent lightning storms. When do home owners depend on their sump pump? During violent lightning storms. So the time you need it most is the time a sump pump is most likely to loose its ability to do its job. The lights go out, and the water starts coming in. Unless, your sump pump is equipped with a back-up power source.

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