If you have been living in Falls Church for some time, you know that springs can be quite rainy here. On the plus side, all of this rain gives us beautiful grass, trees, and flowers. The downside to this, however, is that all of this rain can lead to some serious flooding, which can lead to some serious problems for Falls Church homeowners. For this reason, it is important for homeowners here in Falls Church to have a working sump pump. A sump pump is a mechanical device that removes water (usually floodwater) from basements. It sits in a pit called a sump, which collects excess rain or groundwater. If your house does not have a sump pump, it is crucial that you get one. If you do have a sump pump, but it is in very bad shape, you will need to call a plumber in Falls Church to have it repaired. This article will provide some helpful tips on both buying and repairing a sump pump here in Falls Church.


Falls Church sump pump


What To Look For When Purchasing A Sump Pump


Sump pumps can be purchased at most home improvement stores here in the Falls Church area. There are many different models of sump pumps that you can buy, but they fall into two basic categories: submersible and pedestal. As the name implies, submersible sump pumps lie deep within the sump pit, below ground level. One distinct advantage to submersible sump pumps is that they can be covered, greatly reducing noise output. They also tend to have more horsepower than a typical pedestal pump. The downside is that – due to their location – they can be extremely difficult to install and repair. Often times, basement concrete needs to be broken in order to access the pump! This is a situation where you would definitely want to call a Falls Church plumber to come and help you. As you might have guessed, pedestal sump pumps lie above the ground level and as such can be used for narrower sumps (some sumps cannot accommodate submersible pumps without an overhaul). While these pumps give you more flexibility in placement, they are noisier and typically not as powerful or durable as the submersible pumps.


Many homeowners here in Falls Church have backup sump pumps which run on battery power. Storms and floods can lead to power outages, which mean that your main sump pump may stop working when it is needed most! Having a battery-powered backup on hand for such emergencies will save you some huge headaches. It is recommended that you purchase one, if you do not have it already.




Having Your Sump Pump Installed And Repaired


Sump pump installation and repair can be a very difficult task–one that certainly requires expert knowledge. Unless you are an expert plumber, it is not recommended that you handle this task yourself. It is recommended that you call one of the many great plumbers here in Falls Church to handle this delicate task for you. You may even wish to consult with a plumber before purchasing the pump, as they will likely be able to recommend a pump that fits the particular needs of your home.