A home plumbing system can be compared to the cardiovascular system in biological organisms. It’s such an important component of the domestic ecosystem that you have to have it inspected before you can buy a new home. In addition to providing enough water to the home, the plumbing system is also tasked with the proper disposal of all human waste from the house. In light of all these crucial responsibilities, the whole plumbing system qualifies for the best possible care and maintenance courtesy of the homeowner. But this is rarely the case in some households. Sometimes its sheer negligence or too many commitments, but some homeowners do not afford their plumbing systems the upkeep resources they deserve. The good news is that you can easily remedy this problem by adopting the 3 care and maintenance tips discussed below.


Know Your Plumbing System


The very first thing you should do upon moving into a new house is to acquaint yourself with all the key systems in the house. The two most important functional systems in a household are the plumbing and the electrical system. For the plumbing system, you will have to start with a thorough inspection and audit by a professional plumber. You can take advantage of this exercise to learn from the plumber about various plumbing installations. You have to know the location, condition, and functionality of vital things like the septic tank, the water meter, the water heater, sump pump, the shut off valve etc.


Regular Inspection & Maintenance


You should plan for and stick to a regular and frequent inspection schedule of your home plumbing system. Depending on your availability, this can be bimonthly, monthly, weekly etc but the breaks shouldn’t extend past 3 months. You can conduct your own DIY inspection regularly but you should also hire certified plumbers for a thorough and professional checkup every few months. And if you cannot manage to check on all the components of the plumbing system, you can single out a few critical areas like the sewer system or the water heater for regular checkups. The inspection process goes hand in hand with maintenance because you need to fix all faults or pending faults identified during the inspection. You should always conduct seasonal upgrades and maintenance according to the prevailing weather conditions. As the rainy season approaches, make sure to consult a qualified plumber for Fredericksburg sump pump repair and maintenance services to keep your basement dry.


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Eco-Friendly Improvements


One of the most rewarding home maintenance tips is to try and make your entire household environmentally friendly. This involves implementing comprehensive changes to your home and your lifestyle. You can start by adopting energy and water saving strategies. For your plumbing system, you can reduce electrical loss by installing a highly efficient water heater, you can also save on water by installing EPA-approved low flow faucets and showers and low-flush toilets. You can even replace energy-intensive home appliances like HVAC systems and water heaters with solar models. Solar powered appliances and installations are very efficient because they depend on renewable energy, which is 100% free and totally sustainable, and also because they are totally eco-friendly. But they are also relatively expensive as compared to electric or gas powered models. Long-term savings on utility bills eventually offset and even negate the higher installation price though. And last but not least, you can also institute a “no wastage” policy in your home to enhance conservation throughout the household.