If you’re like most folks, you remember when to change the oil in your car, or how often you need to visit the doctor. But do you think about how often you need Alexandria sewer services performed? Most people don’t. Worse yet, they don’t call a plumber for anything to do with their sewer until a problem has already occurred. If you have never considered why you need your sewer cleaned, here are a few reasons why regular sewer cleaning is prudent.


Cleaning Should Be Regular


As mentioned earlier, sewer cleaning should be regular, occurring every one and a half years. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. If you have a lot of issues related to the pipes in your sewer, it’s imperative you have a plumber out more often to assess what is wrong. There are a variety of things that could contribute to the problem. Your plumber might not be able to work on them right away. If that’s the case, make sure you understand why, and see what can be done so you aren’t dealing with reoccurring issues years later.


Look For Problems That Could Develop Into Serious Issues


There are certain things your plumber should make you aware of, since these could develop into bigger issues with your sewer. One of these problems is the growth of tree roots. These roots can grow into pipes and fill them completely, making it difficult for water to pass through. Many plumbers are using video cameras as tools to look down the drain, and determine if tree roots are the problem, and what sort of damage they are doing. Sewer camera inspections are helpful, showing what the problem is, and what to expect.


camera inspection


Be Aware Of Habits And Your Sewers


Many folks don’t think twice about how cooking oil and grease affects sewer lines. Once they’re done cooking, they dump the oil from the frying pain down the rain, without a second thought. This produces problems for your sewer line, since things become clogged as the grease forms a solid clump. Even using coconut oil for beauty treatments, such as oil pulling or conditioning hair, has ill effects on your sewer lines. Be aware of how you use oils around the house, and how often they are getting dumped down the drain.

If you need Alexandria sewer services, you may feel intimidated about calling a plumber. It’s important that you do so, since you never know what the underlying cause is. It may be from unknowingly bad habits in your household, such as pouring grease down the drain, to not having regular cleanings of the sewer lines. Sometimes the problems are beyond your control, such as tree roots growing into sewer pipes. In any case, the plumber will help you find ways to work around this, thereby ensuring that you don’t have further issues related to your sewer line later on in the future.