Sewer services are a broad term that’s used to define a variety of different services provided by qualified plumbing professionals. Usually covering everything from the road to the house, and any drain lines within the house, sewer services require skill and experience.  They usually encompass lines running to a septic tank, also, along with pumps and switches.  They usually do not cover cleaning out a septic tank, though.   Certified, experienced plumbing professionals offer services such as pipe rodding, preventative pipe maintenance, leak repairs and pipe noise elimination services. A professional plumber can even use a specialized underground camera to detect underground plumbing problems, which can come in especially handy if they offer sewer services.

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Finding Sewer Services in Your Area


It’s easy to find sewer service in your area. Just do a simple internet search first. If you’re looking for sewer services, just type that into your search engine.  You can always ask friends, family, or neighbors for a recommendation, as well.


Do It Yourself Plumbing Tasks versus Hiring a Professional Plumber


Some plumbing tasks may seem like easy fixes that you can do yourself. But if you’re uncertain, contact a certified, licensed professional plumber even if the problem seems minor. There are times that you may be able to solve the problem yourself. If your shower is clogged, try using a plunger before you call a plumber. If your shower drain is clogged, remove the overflow plate using a screwdriver, inspect the drain, fill the tub or shower with enough water to cover the bottom of the plunger. Then plunge until the flow of water returns to normal.

Things That You Should Know Before You Call a Plumber


There are a few things that you should be aware of before you call a plumber. Following a few easy steps beforehand will save you money on the service call. For example, you should know where to find the main water valve in your home. If your home has a basement the valve is most likely located close to the front foundation wall. If your home has both a basement and a crawlspace, the valve may be located either in a mechanical room or near the front foundation wall. If your home has a crawlspace without a basement the valve will be in close proximity to your water heater. A plumber will need to know where the valve is located in your home before any necessary repairs can be made.


Toilet Leaks and Cracks


Two of the most common household plumbing problems are toilet leaks and cracks. Toilet leaks are most often caused by an aged or broken flapper. If the rubber seal at the bottom of the toilet tank (the flapper) is damaged, water will leak from the tank into the bowl. An easy way to spot a toilet leak is to put a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. If after a few hours, the coloring has moved into the bowl, you have a leak.

A number of things can cause your toilet to crack including, age, do it yourself projects, or impact. If the crack in your toilet is small it can most likely be repaired by a licensed, experienced plumbing professional. But if there are multiple cracks your toilet will have to be replaced. Common household plumbing problems can occur at any time. Hopefully now you know when to call a professional and when to try to fix the problem yourself.