If you are experiencing a clogged drain, there are many plumbers here in Springfield who you can call. A good plumber will be able to inspect your drain, and fix whatever problems are identified. This guide will provide some tips on drain cleaning so that clogs do not become huge headaches for you and your family.


Preventing Drain Clogs


properly flowing drain


Of course, the best way to deal with drain clogs is to prevent them from ever happening in the first place. This is especially important for kitchen sinks, where drain clogs are common due to food and other items being improperly disposed of. Grease and coffee grounds can be real killers for your drain. You should never pour grease down the drain. Instead, you should store it in a receptacle (an old coffee can works great) and empty it into the trash when it is full. Coffee grounds should either be thrown away or composted. You should keep a screen over the drain, to keep small bits of food and other particles out. Clean this screen over the trash can when it starts to get clogged with food. Finally, take advantage of your garbage disposal (if you have one), but be sure to run hot water before and after use. This will help keep your drain flowing smoothly.


Handling Clogs Yourself


Some drain clogs are small enough that you can clear them yourself. It is important to keep chemicals like Drano around to deal with any clogs. For more serious clogs, you may wish to purchase a “drain snake,” a motorized metal coil that reaches deep down into your drain and breaks up clogs as it twists around. You can find these at most hardware and home improvement stores. If snaking your drain does not work, you should call a professional plumber, as you are likely looking at a major backup, perhaps even a problem with your sewer line itself.


Calling The Professionals


Find a plumbing company in Springfield that is right for you. Ideally, you want a plumber who charges fair prices, but also provides thorough and timely service. If you do not have a go-to plumber here in Springfield, ask around–your friends and coworkers should be able to recommend a plumber that they use for issues like clogs. You can also search the internet for reviews of local plumbers. It is highly recommended that you take these precautions, so that you do not get scammed or overcharged.

Once you have found the plumber who is right for you, the plumbing company will likely send out a technician to inspect your drain. This inspection often happens with a small camera that is inserted down the drain. Do not be surprised if the reason for your backup is not a clog in the drain itself, but an issue with your main sewer line. Whatever your issue is, your plumber should be able to give you an estimate and then get the problem fixed.