Many of the homes here in Annandale run on natural gas. We need it for heating, cooking, even relaxing in front of our gas-powered fireplace. For this reason it is essential to make sure that your gas lines are always in good condition. Not only can broken gas lines deprive you of basic necessities, like cooking and heat, it can place your family and your neighbors in huge danger, as there is a risk of an explosion. Not only that, if natural gas is steadily leaking into your house, it can be hazardous to your health, causing such problems as nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath. So what do you do when your gas line is not working properly? Believe it or not, you call a plumber! When most people think of plumbers, they think of water issues – leaky pipes, clogged drains, overflowing toilets – but many plumbers also specialize in gas line installation, inspection, and repair. The important thing is to find an Annandale plumber who is right for you. This article will aide you in that search.


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Warning Signs Of A Broken Gas Line


One of the most common indicators of a malfunctioning gas line is an acrid smell. Believe it or not, sulphur is intentionally run through gas lines for the exact purpose of warning people that there is a problem! When the gas line leaks, sulphur is released into the air. Another, more subtle sign of a gas leak is changes in the plant life in and around your home, especially the plants that are located near the gas line. If plants turn brown and start to shrivel, that could indicate a gas leak. Finally, be aware of any changes with your appliances. Appliances that hiss or clang could be another warning sign. Try turning off all of your appliances, then checking the meter. If the meter is still moving, even though everything is off, it is recommended that you call a plumber here in Annandale to come out and inspect your gas line.


Finding The Right Plumber For You


As stated before, there are many plumbers here in Annandale who can fix your gas leak. The issue is finding the right plumber for your needs and budget. For one thing, you want to find a local plumber who offers twenty-four hour services. Given the health and safety hazards mentioned above, a broken gas line constitutes a plumbing emergency, and should be dealt with as such. It is recommended that you leave your home temporarily until repairs are made. While it is important that you get a plumber out to your house quickly, you should not settle for just any price. You should comparison shop by asking a few local plumbers what they would charge for gas inspection and repair, and call the plumber that best fits both your timing needs and your budget needs. A good plumber here in Annandale will be able to fix the problem and have you back in your home in no time.