A Shower You Can Look Forward To

The morning routine is pretty similar for most Americans. You wake up, maybe have a cup of coffee, and then it is time for a hot shower before you start your day. A good, strong shower is relaxing and can get you in the right mindset to move forward, but a bad shower leaves you frustrated and starts the day off wrong. Most of the time you do not need a plumber to fix small shower issues, and not only will taking care of it yourself save you some money, it will also allow you to start looking forward to your shower again.

The Strainers And Drains

A common problem that people have with showers is standing water. You are in the middle of your shower and you look down to find that the water is not draining as fast as it should be, which leads to your feet and ankles soaking in nasty shower water. The reason for this is that the drain is not allowing as much water through as it needs. Often this is a result of the strainer being too clogged with soap and hair to work effectively, but this problem can be solved by taking the strainer off and cleaning it in the sink. If the drain is still not working correctly you can solve the problem with some drain cleaner; however, if the problem persists, it is time to check with a plumber.

The Shower head

Irregular or slow flow will leave you feeling dirty and that the shower cannot get you clean, no matter how long you are in there. This problem can generally be traced back to a slow flowing shower head. Over time the minerals in water build up and cause crystalline formations around the faucets in the home, including your shower head. The best way to take care of this issue is to fill a small container with vinegar, disconnect the shower head and let it soak in the vinegar overnight. This will break down the mineral deposits and restore flow to the shower head.

The Shower Curtain

Finally, an issue that many people face with their shower is the smell of mildew or black streaks in the shower. Because of the amount of moisture in the bathroom mold and mildew can form quickly, no matter how hard you try to keep it from happening. If you use a collapsible curtain make certain that it is fully spread after you are done in the shower, as this lets water drain more easily. For other shower curtains you will need to wipe them dry when you are done, and that should keep them looking good for years. ¬†If the mold has made it’s way behind your tub you may need a Virginia mold removal team.

A good shower is a great way to start the day, and by taking care of your shower you can start having those good showers soon. Serious problems with your plumbing will require a qualified plumber homeowners trust.