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Prepping For Your Service Call

How To Get The Home Ready

The number one cost for any plumbing service call is the hourly rate that you have to pay the technician to be on site.  Many times homeowners do not take the time to get their home ready for the service call, and precious hours are wasted with the plumber unable to do work while they wait for the homeowner to get prepared.  The next time you call the plumber to your home, take some time to do the following things.


Find The Water Shut-Off

The main water shut-off to your home is located near the water meter, where your home connects to the water supply.  Though this is generally in the same spot for most homes, it is not always in the same location for every site.  If the plumber has to spend fifteen minutes looking for a water main shut-off, which has to be done before working on any pipes, you have already wasted a quarter of an hour in labor charges, and it only gets more expensive the longer it takes to find.  Know where you particular water shut-off is and make sure that you can get the lid off before the plumber gets to your home.


Find The Breaker Box

Along the same lines as the water shut-off, you may need to be able to turn off electricity to an area for the plumber to work.  This is especially true if they are working on an appliance.  Breaker boxes are in different locations in every home, and often homeowners mistakenly cover up their panel access with boxes or shelves.  Make sure there is a clear path to the breaker box and that the plumber can get back and forth to where they are working without hassle.


Keep The Work Area Clear

Finally, one of the biggest wastes of time that plumbers face is waiting for a homeowner to clear out an area for the plumber to work.  Homeowners love to put things under their sinks or around the water heater closet in the garage, and that limits the ability of the plumber to access the work area quickly.  Taking the time to clean the area and move things out of the way so that the plumber has plenty of room to work and to store tools or parts for the job will make the use of their time more efficient and save you money.


A little work on your part while you are waiting for the plumber to arrive will save you a small fortune on the cost of the repair.  Plumbers want to get in and get the job done as quickly as possible so they can move on to other sites, and so preparing the home for their arrival will not only save you money, but save the plumber some time.