Most people don’t realize how many areas in their home can result in a plumbing emergency if not properly maintained.  One wrong move and you could be out thousands of dollars in water damage.  With so many pipes, appliances, fixtures, and units all interacting, many things can go wrong at any place if not cared for in the correct manner.  Most plumbing emergencies that happen could have been avoided form the beginning if caught in time before they developed into a disaster.  There are certain steps to take in order to avoid plumbing disasters as well as things to do if a disaster was to happen.  If you suspect any type of emergency in the near future don’t hesitate to contact an expert that offers Alexandria emergency plumbing services.  Below we will discuss three key tips in how to avoid common plumbing emergencies from happening.


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Don’t Abuse The Garbage Disposal


One of the most commonly used aspects of a home’s plumbing on a daily basis is the garbage disposal.  This is the sinks electrically powered drain system for disposing of/breaking down of food partials, liquids, and other substances left over usually after cooking/eating.  Although this system does work efficiently at breaking down food waste, there are still certain things to avoid putting down the drain.  Grease is something that can wreck any garbage disposal.  It can create clogs and limit anything else from going down the drain.  Coffee grounds are also something that should not be entering into the disposal system.  If enough substances like either of these two are subjected to the disposal system, you are in for a lengthy repair or total replacement.


The Washing Machine Connection


Another appliance that is generally used on a daily basis is the washing machine.  The washing machine is hooked up through an electric connection as well as a hot and cold-water line connection.  Sometimes, the two lines connecting the hot and cold water are the black rubber kind.  This has been known to be the cause of a washing machine disaster for one main reason.  These kinds of hoses have been known to burst, leaving you with a river of water spilling out onto the floor.  Five gallons of water per minute rushing into your home would be a real emergency for anyone.  To avoid this from happening, it’s recommended to use stainless steel braided lines connecting the water.  These are a safer choice so you can better avoid a flood in your home.


Don’t Hang Things From Your Pipes


Although the pipes in your home may look sturdy, you should absolutely avoid hanging things on them.  People often hang things like wet clothes on them for a place to dry out.  This may seem harmless but after a while, the water can start to rust the outside of the pipe or even cause the pipe to burst due to the pressure.  Pipes are for transporting water properly throughout your home, they should not be used a clothes hanger.  Always use the plumbing in your home correctly whether it be pipes, appliances, or fixtures.  Doing so will help you to avoid a costly disaster.  For any other issues regarding your plumbing, seek help from professional plumbers that specialize in Alexandria emergency plumbing services.


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