Planning for the worst when dealing with a potentially hazardous/serious plumbing issue is crucial to avoid a catastrophe if something unexpected does happen.  Approach the situation with caution and preparation.  Always be sure that you are aware of your surroundings with where your plumbing and electrical fixtures are located.  Equipping yourself with the proper tools and appliances will give you a higher chance of solving the problem correctly without more damage or harm.  Let’s take a more in-depth look below at a few very important tips that could make the difference between a successful fix and a major problem occurring in your home.


Keep A Five Gallon Bucket Handy With You


Whether you are approaching a situation that seems simple or complex, a five-gallon bucket may come to use for a number of reasons.  In many circumstances, you may be installing new appliances or removing old ones.  Even though the water is shut off, people forget that the appliance holds water and when they finally get it detached water spills out onto the floor causing a mess.  Right when you notice water coming out use the bucket to collect the emptying water.


At other times, you may be working on a pipe or looking for something pertaining to your plumbing.  This may require you to break through pieces of floor, ceiling, or walls and you could accidentally damage a pipe allowing for a water leak.  If you have your 5-gallon bucket nearby, you can avoid soaking the area, giving you time to further fix the issue.


Understanding Your Water Heater


Fredericksburg water heaters


Water heaters are large tanks that use electric or gas to heat the water and send it to the desired location in your home form running a hot bath to washing your hands.  They perform an extremely important task on a day to day basis and need to be operated and cared for correctly.  Make sure you set the temperature to something that won’t burn through the heaters life or cause other issues.  In the case of a serious problem, you need to know whether you are using an electric or gas heater so you can turn it off.  If it is fueled by natural gas you can turn the switch to the pilot position.  Be sure that you understand how a water heater works in your home with the plumbing and electric/gas that pertain to the use of it.


Familiarize Yourself With The Main Shut Off Valve


One of the most important tips to always be aware of is knowing where the main shut-off valve is located in your home.  You will also need to know that you can turn it correctly and the direction it goes.  In unfortunate situations, people may forget where the shut off valve is which represents more water damage to your home every second the valve is open.  There are many hypothetical reasons that would require you to shut off the main valve that allows water throughout your home.  If you have general or emergency questions about plumbing don’t hesitate to contact a professional through Fredericksburg plumbing services.