Any time you are able to take care of a home maintenance issue on your own you will save money and feel a sense of accomplishment in a job well done.  Plumbing seems to be an area of the home that scares a lot of homeowners, but the potential savings are so great that you should take the time to understand how to fix the most basic plumbing issues.  Here are the three most common household plumbing issues that you can solve on your own.


Toilet Flapper


toilet flapper

If you have ever used your toilet only to find that it will not stop running, you have seen the result of a worn out toilet flapper or the flap valve.  The flapper is the cover that falls over the drain from the top tank to the toilet bowl, and the toilet will continue to run until that seal is closed tightly.

Calling a plumber in Fairfax VA to take care of the problem will cost you more for the parts and labor than buying the part and installing it yourself.  Each flapper valve comes with installation instructions that will  help you do the replacement.


Leaky Faucet


Another common problem that you face is a faucet that will not stop running.  Left to operate on its own, a leaky faucet will use gallons of water each day, driving up the cost of your water bill.  Most of the time a leaky faucet is caused by an O-ring that has become worn out, and the fix is not only cheap, but quick.  All you need to do is carefully unscrew the hot or cold water handle that is loose and take the pieces out one at a time.  The O-ring is a black rubber piece, and all you need to do is take out the old one and put in the new one.  You can take the old O-ring to the hardware store to be sure that you have the right size.


Clogged Drain


Finally, the most frequent plumbing service calls have to do with clogged drains.  A clogged drain is almost always caused by debris in the drain, and if you can remove that debris you will not have to call a plumber at all.  Small clogs can be removed with a plunger, but larger clogs will need something more substantial.  An auger is the best tool for the job, and you can get one from a hardware store for around $40.  Follow the instructions that come with the unit and you will be able to handle the majority of clogs that you face.


Plumbing is complicated in many respects, but there are plenty of jobs that you can do on your own.  These common problems are some that are easy to handle by yourself.