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Leak repairs in pipes are the most common issues faced in any residential areas of Lorton, VA. 4Fast Plumber uses the most effective techniques to access pipe leakages and fix them. We decide the right distance pipes need to be placed from the ground or other pipe structures in order to prevent any leakages. We also investigate and suggest our customers in case any re-piping is required. We handle repairs, upgrades, new installation and maintenance of the plumbing in your residence or commercial buildings.


Leakages under slab

Pipe leakages are detected in many Lorton homes, especially under the slab. Such leaks occur especially under the slabs, under the wooden slabs or raised foundations. It is very tricky to detect slab leakages; however, leak location techniques come handy in this case. In case leaks occur below the concrete slab, then the repairs would need direct hammering in order to access the leak. Spot repairs can be performed when leakages are detected at the right time. We at 4Fast Plumbers offer permanent solution to the leakage problems as we make a solid mechanic connection for your piping. Our plumbers offer copper re-piping to offer a permanent solution to leaking problems.


Main pipe leaks

Gas and water main lines are generally buried underground and are very much vulnerable to tree roots, aging of pipes, ground movement, etc. This may result in pipe cracking, separating, rusting or braking. 4Fast Plumbers use excellent and sophisticated modern techniques to detect such hidden leakages and perform a spot repairs. In some cases entire pipeline may need to be replaced because of complete deterioration. Our company offers free quote to the entire repair and replacement services needed for your housing. We also give recommendation of materials that can be used for fixtures.


Water pressure and rusty water problems

Pipe leakage occur a lot in the Lorton area due to rusty water as well as low water pressure. This creates a lot of inconvenience to the people residing in the houses. However, low water pressure and rusted water pipe problems are quite interrelated. 4Fast Plumbers can help by sending their top class plumbers to make a detailed diagnosis and figure out the actual cost and give their best quote for the overall services needed for repair, replacement or upgrade of your pipe system. You can also get to know if the low water pressure is causing the rusty water pipe and take appropriate measures to curb the problem. In some cases water pipes would have reduced their diameter due to constant deterioration due to which the rust build up might be increased. In such cases pipes will have to be completely replaced in order to prevent rust affecting other areas of the pipe lines.


Piping system is very essential to a residential or a commercial building. Even a small defect in piping system can cause havocs. 4Fast Plumber through their excellent solutions help you figure out the problems and fix them at the earliest. We offer 24×7 services and emergency services to our customers with no additional cost.