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Lake Ridge Plumbing Services 

We have been operating in and around Lake Ridge area over 20 years and have been the most favorites of our customers. If you are looking for a reliable plumbing contractors around Lake Ridge area for your plumbing requirements, then you are at the right place.


Repairs or Installations

Our service Engineers can help fix the drains, rusted pipes, degraded fixtures, and any other repairs or installations. Our Engineers are dedicated to resolve any of your plumbing issues very efficiently. You can count on 4Fast Plumber Services around Lake Ridge area. We not only install garbage disposals, fixtures, pipes and drains but also provide excellent repair and maintenance services.


Draining and Plumbing Service

Clogged drains in your bathroom or kitchen can be troublesome to your family. 4Fast Plumbers can help clear all the clogs and remove the dirt, hair, debris or any other grime that might have collected in the pipes which can block the smooth passage of water. We assure that our service specialists use the latest equipment and calibrated tools for clearing the clogs. Whether it is toilets, sinks, wet rooms or showers, we are here to clear your drains and plumbing clogs any time. Our plumbing services team use hydro jetting to clear the clogs in the drains and pipes regardless of the pipe size. We have the right equipment to handle any kind clogging conditions regardless of how complex the situation is.


Broken pipes and Leaks Fixture

4Fast Plumbers in Lake Ridge are ever ready to deal with emergencies such as leakages or broken pipes. We take precautions to avoid flooding in your basement or your backyard due to breaking of pipes or valves during the repair. Besides this, we also handle our customers very smoothly when they panic due to leakages and broken pipes. We are reputed plumbers well known for handling leaks in the faucets and save your utility bills.



Everyone would definitely want to choose plumbers who provide excellent service at discounted rates as compared to other service providers . We offer 24×7 service and emergency services when needed with the same rate we charge for any standard services. We believe in building relationship with our customers, hence we offer regular discounts to our long term customers. We offer non-obligatory quotes to our customers. Hence we encourage all our customers to request a free quote when they invite our Engineers to inspect the house.


4Fast Plumber has always been there for any of your plumbing needs throughout the year. We are certified professionals expertise in this field and have been the 2013 Super Service award winners on Angie’s list. Just give us a call and we will send one of our technical experts to take care of your plumbing needs. At 4Fast Plumber services, we assure high quality and reliable service to all our customers. Regardless of your project size, we can take up your work with the same amount of dedication and perseverance. Please feel free to reach¬† us at phone or Contact Us form on our website.