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heating and cooling virginia couponIn service of the Dale City, VA area 4Fast Plumber has tried to be the only plumbing company that its customers need.  Unlike some other companies, 4Fast Plumber does not limit ourselves only to repair services, but we specialize in larger plumbing projects as well.  We are one of the only companies in the area that is able to walk you through a complete plumbing remodel, or come to your house to fix a leaky faucet.  These are just some of the services that our plumbers are able to provide.


Drain Maintenance

clogged drain imageA clogged or slow moving drain is a cause for concern in your home.  Stagnant water attracts insects, especially mosquitoes, and a clog can be symptomatic of a serious problem in your sewer lines.  Call us for a video inspection of your sewer line, so we can check for roots and other solid blockages that are causing your pipes to stop working.  When we do find a problem, we can work quickly to get the clog removed, and restore proper flow to the plumbing system, or replace a broken pipe so the sewer line stays sealed.


New Gas, Water Or Sewer Lines

There are more appliances in your home that use gas, water and sewer lines than you might expect, and the proper installation of those appliances means running the right line.  Our plumbers use minimally invasive techniques to get access to the existing plumbing system, and tie your new appliance in to the rest of the house.  Other tasks, like installing a permanent natural gas line to your new grill, are also a job for a master plumber, and will save you a fortune over the cost of buying and refilling propane tanks.


Standard Repairs

When your garbage disposal refuses to work, or your sink continues to drip after you have shut off the water, we are the plumbers that you need to call.  Members of our staff will arrive on site and take care of the problem at hand, but they will also take some time to make sure there are no other fundamental issues with the system that might cause a recurrence.


Emergency Services

Finally, what makes us stand out the most is our commitment to emergency services for your home.  We know that plumbing problems can happen any time of day, and we are available 24/7 to keep a problem from becoming a catastrophe.  We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, and if the situation is one that can wait until regular business hours we may suggest that you simply shut off the water and wait until the morning, saving you a ton of money when compared to an after hour service call.  If the situation is dire, we charge an affordable rate, so you do not become bankrupt trying to protect your home.


4Fast Plumber was created to give customers quality workmanship at lower prices, and we continue to meet those goals today.  No matter what size project you have, call us for an estimate, and see 4Fast Plumber in action.