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heating and cooling virginia couponBurke, VA home and business owners can attest to the fact that 4Fast Plumber has brought a new level of service and quality to the plumbing market.  Since expanding into the area we have made an extra effort to fulfill the company’s mission of exceeding customer expectations with every call that we get, and we strive to do so without causing undue financial stress.  Our staff is exceptionally efficient, and does the work the right way the first time, so home and business owners can save money on the cost of service calls.  Here is a sampling of the services we can offer:


Replacement Of Water Heaters

water heater replacementOver time your water heater will begin to lose its efficiency, either because the unit has gotten old, or because of damage to the internal parts through the normal operation of the unit.  Our team of licensed plumbers will show you the options that you have, including the latest technologies and tankless water heater systems, and we will find a solution that matches your budget.


Running New Gas And Water Lines

Any time you want to add a new appliance that uses gas or water, you need to have a new line run to the unit.  This can be an expensive task, as it does require obtaining access to the main gas and water lines that are running through the home.  With our expertise, we can run the new lines without needed to completely destroy a wall or floor, which saves a fortune on the cost of the installation.


Drain Cleaning

water leak image due to calcium build upOne of the most frequent calls that we get is to come out and clean a home’s slow moving or clogged drains.  Though there are cases where solid waste has created a blockage somewhere inside the home, it is much more common for the drain problem to be further down the line.  Our free camera inspections will search for the clogs, and allow us to address the underlying issues that are causing the problem, so you do not have to continually call plumbers out to clean the drains.


Fixture Treatment

When it comes to your home’s fixtures, we do it all.  Leaky faucet?  We can fix it.  Toilet will not stop running?  We have you covered.  Our plumbers know how to evaluate the situation and they will be able to help you determine whether or not the problem is one that can be fixed with a repair, or if you need to have a replacement installed.  In both cases, we can get your fixtures working as intended in less time than you might think.

Finding the right plumber does take some work, and it is not always easy to find the right company for the jobs that you need done around your home.  Instead of trying to find one plumber for the big projects, and one for the small repairs, go with a comprehensive plumbing company that can do it all.  Remember 4Fast Plumber the next time you need a plumber.