Every homeowner dreams of having the perfect kitchen. In the kitchen, they will have just the right combination of appliances, cabinets, and cooking space. For those who love to cook, their appliances must be top of the line and their counter space must go on and on. The kitchen is the heart of the home and that is generally where all of the family ends up hanging out, during family functions and dinners as well as daily life. Why not make it the best room in the house? There are many different trends in kitchen remodeling and choosing which will work for you takes some time and consideration.

Talk to Professionals

When you are ready to begin, there are a wealth of information and professionals available to ensure your project runs as smoothly and quickly as possible. From interior designers and architects to roofers and painters, it is best to consult with the pros before jumping right in feet first. They can take a look with fresh eyes, and probably give some helpful tips and pointers you may not have thought of. One professional you’ll definitely want to talk to is a plumber. Hire your local Alexandria plumber to assist you with the appliance and plumbing installations. They not only have the skills and experience to move existing plumbing and perform new installations correctly, they will keep your project up to code and passing inspections while cutting out a middle man. It is very beneficial to talk and hire them directly.

Bar Space

One of the first trends that we have seen a lot of lately is the installation of a bar in the kitchen. A bar is a great place for your guests to sit and have cocktails while you are cooking and doing the entertaining. A kitchen bar makes guests feel like they are right at home. This is also a great place for you and your family to sit when you having quick meal or breakfast on the run.

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is also a great way to change up your kitchen. Most everyone dreams of having space and light while not being boxed in and sequestered away from everyone else when cooking and preparing meals. The possibilities are endless with an open floor plan. From islands and peninsulas to under-counter refrigeration separate dishwashing drawers. Again, talk with your plumber when designing your new layout. He can make suggestions that may save you money and hassles

Colors Say It All

Alexandria kitchen remodeling

Colors are truly important when it comes to a kitchen remodel. One of the most popular colors that homeowners are choosing is blue. Blue can make your kitchen look much larger and it is a color that goes with practically any color scheme. There are quite a few complimentary colors that you can use to make the blue hue really stand out. Once you have decided on just the right shade of blue, from turquoise to cornflower and everywhere in between, choose a few accent colors to set it off. Some well-placed artwork and maybe some new dishes will help tie your new look all together.