Most professional plumbers bill their clients by the hour, which means that the longer it takes to finish a plumbing job; the costlier it gets for the client. Bearing this in mind, the customer can minimize service charges by maximizing or optimizing time efficiency during plumbing service call. You can reduce or prevent time loss by preparing yourself and the plumbing site adequately before the plumber arrives. The plumber will then use the minimum time possible to fix the plumbing issue at hand and hence you won’t incur any extra charges on wasted time. There are three very simple but quite effective preparatory measures that can help trim your plumbing bill in any setting. The following tips will help you prep yourself and your home for a professional service call, which means substantial savings on plumbing charges.


Familiarize Yourself With The Plumbing Problem


Before you even call a professional plumber, you should take some time to study the plumbing fault. After realizing that there is a plumbing problem in your home, you should inspect the system in search of the defect. For instance, if there is a problem with the water supply, you should look for leaking pipes. If you are suffering backed up drains, look for clogs and try a few DIY unclogging remedies. After you have identified a major fault, you shouldn’t stop there. You should inspect the entire plumbing system in search of other problems. You should then consult a professional plumber regarding the situation. And before he arrives, you should arm yourself with all the necessary details regarding the plumbing issue at hand. This information will help the plumber make a fast decision on the best remedy or solution. Some simple plumbing repairs are very easy to fix but some critical breakdowns like leaks or clogs in underground sewer lines require Alexandria camera inspection experts to use specialized equipment.


Worksite Preparation


After identifying the affected plumbing area or section, you should take some time to clear all household or office items from the worksite. The plumber should find an uncluttered worksite to allow easy and fast access to the problem area. If you fail to clean out the plumbing worksite, the plumber will be forced to waste precious billable minutes moving the clutter instead of handling the task that he was called for. Worksite preparation will not only save you money in service charges but it will also ensure that the plumbing issue is fixed quickly thereby mitigating its effects and severity.


Locate Vital Controls


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There are two very important systems in any building: the plumbing system and the electrical system. Most plumbing service calls are related to one or both of these functional systems. A typical plumbing system is usually connected to the building’s water supply and drainage system and also to its electrical system. This is due to the fact that plumbing installations and appliances use either or both of these resources. It is therefore vital that you familiarize yourself with the main controls of both water and electricity in your house. In case the plumber needs to turn off the water or the electricity during his operations, you should be able to point him in the right direction without any delays. You should not waste plumbing time trying to locate the main water shutoff valve or the electrical mains switch; you should already be aware of where they are located.


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