Water and energy conservation may not have always been a pressing concern in households however luckily, the awareness and significance are drastically on the rise everywhere.  With the ever-increasing importance of caring for our environment, we have also discovered other amazing benefits of using newer more energy-efficient technology to power the appliances in our homes.  Abundant amounts of money, water, time, and energy can be saved just by making the simple switch to energy-efficient models/appliances.  Below we will discuss four of the common well-known appliances/fixtures that are being replaced every day.


Energy Efficient Low Flow Toilets




Older toilets can use anywhere from three to even seven gallons of water with every single flush.  That represents an incredible amount of water wasted even daily on just flushing the toilet.  The new low flow high-efficiency toilets have the ability and efficiency to use just 1.25 gallons of water each flush.  With that being said, you could save 50 to 75 percent of the water the toilet uses by switching to a new high-efficiency one.


Low Flow Shower Heads


In previous years shower heads delivered roughly 6.5 gallons of water per minute at 80 psi.  With the new state of the art low flow heads, you can cut that rate by 75 percent less water used while still enjoying a high-quality shower.  Its design allows far less water to be dispersed while doing so in a different pattern and shape giving the feeling of more water coming out than there actually is, making your shower experience much more positive.


Energy Efficient Washing Machine


A regular/older style washing machine can use on average 23 gallons of water per wash cycle compared to an energy stared certified model that uses just 13 gallons.  Imagine saving 10 extra gallons of water every time you wash your clothes.  To put that in perspective, if you do one load of clothes per day you can save at least 70 gallons of water per week just with upgrading to a new energy star washing machine.  This can help you obtain great savings on monthly utility costs and adding up to larger and even more noticeable amounts per year.


Energy Efficient Dishwasher


The last but not least common household unit that is used very often in day to day life is the dishwasher.  Dishwashers that were built before 1994 can waste 10 gallons of water with every single use.  A newer energy star certified model has the ability to save a whopping 3870 gallons of water of the course of its lifetime.  That has the potential to help you save a tremendous amount of money per year and a noticeable amount of water per month.  Not to mention that you will also be saving the environment from wasting 3870 gallons of water which is the equivalent of filling over 10 hot tubs.  Your water heater is another unit that can be replaced to help you save money per month on utilities.  If you have any other questions about appliances, units, or energy efficiency, be sure to contact an expert that that offers professional services on appliances and Arlington water heaters.