Let’s face it: a home remodel is often a very stressful time for everyone involved. It is very labor intensive, can be costly, and small mistakes can really add up to headache and financial loss. In the end, though, the rewards of a successful home remodel make all of the effort worthwhile. A good remodel will add huge value to your home, while also giving you a more comfortable, more modern space to live in. In order to achieve this result, a little guidance is certainly helpful. Read the three tips below, so that you can turn your stress into success during your next home remodel.


Moving Appliances During A Home Remodel


A lot of things get moved around during a home remodel, including appliances. Homeowners often move appliances to different rooms, or create new areas for them entirely. Even big appliances – like refrigerators and washing machines – get moved around. What most homeowners do not realize when moving appliances such as these, is that the piping system needs to be altered so that water can be run through the appliances. For this reason, it is best to contact a Fredericksburg plumber before your remodel. It is also important to be mindful of the type of foundation your home has. If your home has a slab foundation, it will necessitate breaking through the concrete in order to access the piping.


Upgrading Your Plumbing During A Home Remodel


Remodeling your home is a great opportunity to update your plumbing as well. The past few years have seen many exciting changes in plumbing technology, and having the latest and greatest plumbing will help your home run much more smoothly, while also making it easier to sell—if and when the time comes. Modern piping, for example, is a lot more durable and efficient than the piping that was used decades ago. Upgrading to modern piping is certainly a huge improvement. Another plumbing upgrade that you will definitely want to consider during your home remodel is the addition of EnergyStar appliances. The EnergyStar certification indicates that your appliances are environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. Purchasing these appliances will allow you to greatly reduce your monthly utility bills.


Upgrading Your Plumbing Fixtures


Fredericksburg bathroom remodel


Many remodeling jobs are done for cosmetic reasons: homeowners want to make their houses look as shiny and new as possible. One thing you will definitely want to consider during a cosmetic upgrade is installing new plumbing fixtures. New sinks, new showers, and new toilets have two great benefits. For one, they can really make your home sparkle. This will impress any visitors, including potential buyers. The other benefit of new plumbing fixtures is that they will make your home life a lot more pleasant: showers will have better water pressure, your toilet will run better, and you will likely see a decrease in your water bill. With all of that in mind, the next time you are thinking of updating huge portions of your home, do not neglect the plumbing fixtures.