A sump pump is an often-overlooked home appliance. This is a shame, as a sump pump can be the only thing standing between your basement and severe flooding when heavy rainstorms hit. The spring and summer months can bring very rainy weather, which can cause the water table beneath your home to rise quite high. The sump pump’s job is to move that excess water from inside your house (basement) to the outside. Without a proper, working sump pump – and ideally a good backup sump pump – things can get pretty wet inside your basement very quickly. Following these tips will help ensure that the water will stay outside of your house, where it belongs.


Submersible Vs. Pedestal Sump Pumps


If you are planning to purchase a new sump pump, your first step will be to choose which type of sump pump to buy. Sump pumps generally come in two varieties: submersible and pedestal. With a submersible sump pump, the motor can be submerged in water. With a pedestal sump pump, the motor most be above water. The type of sump pump that you choose will depend on your sump basin. A sump basin is a small hole in your basement where the sump pump rests. If your basin is very large, you will need a submersible sump pump, as the engine on a pedestal pump would likely sink below the water line. If your basin is small, the lighter, narrower pedestal sump pump should be installed, with the motor sitting above the water.


Installing Your Sump Pump


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Sump pump installation is definitely a job that you would want to call a plumber for, as it is a rather complicated affair. Fortunately, there are many plumbers who specialize in this exact service, and have years of experience installing sump pumps. If you do not have a sump pump basin in your basement, don’t worry: the plumber can create a hole and form the basin as part of the installation process. If you do have a basin, the sump pump still needs to be hooked up to the electricity and piping. If you are thinking about purchasing and installing a sump pump, it is recommended that you contact a plumber before you even begin shopping for your pump. Plumbers have seen all kinds of sump pumps, and all kinds of basements, and will be able to recommend the perfect model for your needs and budget.


The Importance of Backup Sump Pumps


The main sump pump in your house is powered by your home’s electricity. The problem is, storms that bring heavy rains also bring lots of lightning, and the potential for power outages. If the power fails during a severe storm, your sump pump will be out of commission when you need it most. This is why having a battery-powered backup sump pump is crucial. The backup pump kicks in when the main pump goes down. These will also need to be installed, and it is recommended that you hire an experienced Arlington plumber to do so.