Plumbing around the home is going to break down at some point, and you need to be prepared for those problems to come up.  While there are some issues that happen because of the age of the system and the natural wear and tear of the system, many of the other problems that you face are preventable issues.  If you take care of your plumbing and follow these tips you will see a decrease in the number of preventable plumbing problems in your home.


Drain Clogs


More than half of all service calls that plumbers get are for clogged drains.  Drain clogs happen for a variety of reasons, but most of the time the clog is caused because someone put something in the drain that should not be there.  For your toilet you need to be sure that nothing but bodily fluids or tissue paper are being put in the bowl.  In the kitchen, be sure that all plates are scraped over a trash can before they are put in the sink, and use a garbage disposal to break up the larger pieces of food debris.  The shower drain is also a problem, and that can be solved if you keep a strainer over the drain cover and you keep that strainer cleaned.


Prepare For Winter


winterAs the recent cold snap has shown, weather in the United States is unpredictable and can cause all sorts of issues around the home.  During the coldest parts of the year you will run the risk of burst pipes because of frozen water and pressure in the pipe.  In the coldest parts of the year, or if the temperature is about to go below freezing be sure to leave a couple of taps inside and outside the house dripping slowly.  This will keep the water flowing and prevent frozen water.


Replace The Washer Hose


Finally, the most common cause of internal water damage to the home is a busted or dislodged washing machine hose.  This typically happens because the standard hoses are lightweight and they are susceptible to becoming loose due to the natural movement of the machine.  The way to solve this problem is the installation of a stainless steel pipe to replace the standard hose.  This will prevent dislodgement and stop water damage in your wash room. 


Proper care of your plumbing system will ensure that it continues to work for years to come, and reduce the amount of money that you have to spend on repairs.  If you do find that you need more serious work done, gone with the plumber Fairfax