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Remodeling Your Beautiful Fredericksburg Home

If you have a home here in Fredericksburg, consider yourself lucky. This is a beautiful area with amazing housing stock. Perhaps you are looking to get even more out of your Fredericksburg home: to increase its resale value while making it more spacious and comfortable for you and your family. If this is the case, you should consider remodeling your home. Yes, it does take time, energy, and resources, but the end result is so worth it. Turning your home into your dream home yields great rewards, financially and emotionally. Also, keep in mind that you do not need to remodel your whole house all at once: you can tackle it one room at a time, prioritizing the rooms that need the most work—after all, Rome was not built in a day! This article will identify some of the areas of your Fredericksburg home that might be popular candidates for remodeling. It will also give you tips on how you can carry out your project.


Bathroom Remodeling


Fredericksburg bathroom remodel


Perhaps you love everything about your house except the bathroom. Maybe the tile and wallpaper look dated, the layout does not suit you, or you need more space in the shower. Perhaps you have been dying to install an amazing hot tub! If you find yourself in any of these situations, don’t worry, there are plenty of Fredericksburg bathroom remodeling companies who can help you out! Whether you are looking for a simple change – like switching out your sink for a better one – or are looking to gut the whole bathroom, these remodelers can work with you from start to finish. A good remodeler here in Fredericksburg will work with you in the initial designing and planning stages of the remodel, up until the last nail is in place.


Kitchen Remodeling


This is one of the most arduous remodeling tasks, given the size of a typical kitchen, as well as the sheer number of cabinets and appliances it may have. Do not let this scare you off though, a newly remodeled kitchen can add great resale value to your Fredericksburg home, as well as make cooking a lot more convenient. Whether you are looking to upgrade appliances, switch out your countertops, take out a wall to open the kitchen up to the rest of the house, or redo the cabinets, a good contractor will be able to help you through your kitchen remodel.


Finishing Your Fredericksburg Basement


Just because your basement was dingy and unfinished when you bought the house doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. With a good contractor, your basement can help round out your dream home. You can turn it into a den complete with carpeting and furniture, a “man cave” with a bar and pool table, or an income unit that you can rent out, complete with bedroom, bathroom, and living room. Really, with a big enough basement, the possibilities are endless. This is another project that may take a long time – and some serious elbow grease – to complete, but when you are finished, you will have added so much space to your existing Fredericksburg home!

3 Basic Factors To Consider When Launching A Home Remodeling Project

A house that is actually a home is one of the most invaluable possessions that you can have. In addition to being a valuable investment, a home also offers aesthetic and existential benefits like safety, security and comfort. Typically, a home remodeling/renovation project, also known as a home makeover, is usually conducted to enhance the functional properties that are usually associated with the aforementioned benefits. The project includes many physical and logistical improvements on a given house; in a bid to boost its functional and aesthetic appeal. The process involves the repair and replacement of various installations, materials, appliances, and fixtures in order to enhance the building’s structural, architectural, plumbing, and electrical systems. Whether it’s a partial house renovation or a full home makeover, any remodeling project is quite resource-intensive. As such, you should plan carefully for such an undertaking and implement effective project management measures to ensure project success. As you prepare and plan to launch your home remodeling project, remember to keep the following points in mind.


Professional Input


A home remodeling project is one of the most demanding undertakings for any individual homeowner. According to industry analysts, this kind of project requires great expertise and experience, and special equipment in order to succeed — due to its high logistical, infrastructural, and financial demands. As such, it is advisable to consider professional assistance at the very beginning of the project. To start with, you need to consult a professional designer/remodeler, such as a professional plumber, regarding various practical project details. For instance, you can consult a reliable Alexandria plumber regarding various budgetary issues. You also need a professional to draft the schematic designs for the makeover; not to mention the need for contractors.


Project Size


Before you engage in any significant project-related activity or task, you need to define the project size or scope. Essentially, the size of the project defines almost all the other project details including the cost/budget, design style, and professional and material needs. In other words, the scope determines the feasibility and success of the undertaking. The project size depends on your specific needs and preferences in relation to the makeover goals and objectives. Also, the project size affects the home renovation budget and vice versa. Depending on any of the factors mentioned above, you might decide to go for a full home makeover or a partial/limited renovation, such as a kitchen- or bathroom-only renovation project.


Project Cost, Budget And Financing


plumber Alexandria


Whether you like it or not, money will always be a crucial factor in any project undertaking — private or otherwise. In this instance, money is actually the “program controller.” As mentioned above, the home remodeling cost/budget will affect the project size and vice versa. Therefore, you need to create a realistic budget estimate based on the projected renovation costs including materials’ and installations’ costs, miscellaneous costs, and any other overhead expenses. The importance of creating a budget estimate in advance cannot be emphasized enough. For starters, the budget will control the project size and streamline the project management process. Secondly, the budget will help assess project feasibility at the beginning. Finally, the budget will determine your project financing strategies. As you can see, a budget estimate is very essential for this project — even if you can’t create an itemized budget, you need to come up with a ballpark figure of the actual spend intended for the entire project.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Drain Maintenance

There are quite a few reasons that you need to call a plumber for, but many of them you can handle yourself. If your local plumber cannot come out to your home immediately, and the task is relatively simple, you may be able to figure out the problem on your own. Many problems like clogs in the sink, can be easily remedied, but there are plenty of things that you need to remember when it comes to doing your own drain maintenance.  Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of proper upkeep of your drains that you should be aware of.

Things To Not Put Down Your Drains

A local Alexandria plumbing company will gladly come to your home when you have a clogged drain. There are quite a few different things that you should not put down your kitchen drain, such as oil and grease. You should also never flush anything down the toilet that should not be flushed. There are plenty of these items such as cat litter, face or body wipes, and tampons. All of these items could stop up your toilet and you could have a major problem on your hands. A lot of home owners do not know that you should not use bleach or bleach based products to clean your bathtub or other drains in your home. There are particles that form when you use these products that can break off and clog the drains or toilets in your home. Lastly, remember to never pour coffee grinds down the drain, for that can cause a horrible problem that may require some very expensive repairs.

Things To Help Reduce Clogs

With so many things that you shouldn’t do to your drains, there are actually a few that can be done to improve drainage. If you use a screen guard or specific drain net on your kitchen and bath drains, you can greatly reduce the accumulation of those horrible clogs. Another way to keep from getting clogs is by constantly cleaning out your drains. If you have long hair, odds are you need to clean your shower drain.

Alexandria plumbing

Boiling Water And Ice Cubes Can Be Beneficial

Your local plumber will have many other tips for helping your plumbing. One of those tips is to grind ice cubes in your garbage disposal. This will help to keep your blades nice and sharp. Also, you can pour boiling water down your shower and bath drain about once a month in order to get rid of the excess hair and debris that is in it.

There is a lot that you can do to help keep your drains from backing up. Some of these actions that you can do will actually keep your drains around for much longer. If you ever are concerned or unsure if you can put something down your drains or toilet, the best option is to put it in the garbage. Asking your plumber just what items are safe to flush and which ones are not is the way to go for future reference.

New Trends In Kitchen Remodeling

Every homeowner dreams of having the perfect kitchen. In the kitchen, they will have just the right combination of appliances, cabinets, and cooking space. For those who love to cook, their appliances must be top of the line and their counter space must go on and on. The kitchen is the heart of the home and that is generally where all of the family ends up hanging out, during family functions and dinners as well as daily life. Why not make it the best room in the house? There are many different trends in kitchen remodeling and choosing which will work for you takes some time and consideration.

Talk to Professionals

When you are ready to begin, there are a wealth of information and professionals available to ensure your project runs as smoothly and quickly as possible. From interior designers and architects to roofers and painters, it is best to consult with the pros before jumping right in feet first. They can take a look with fresh eyes, and probably give some helpful tips and pointers you may not have thought of. One professional you’ll definitely want to talk to is a plumber. Hire your local Alexandria plumber to assist you with the appliance and plumbing installations. They not only have the skills and experience to move existing plumbing and perform new installations correctly, they will keep your project up to code and passing inspections while cutting out a middle man. It is very beneficial to talk and hire them directly.

Bar Space

One of the first trends that we have seen a lot of lately is the installation of a bar in the kitchen. A bar is a great place for your guests to sit and have cocktails while you are cooking and doing the entertaining. A kitchen bar makes guests feel like they are right at home. This is also a great place for you and your family to sit when you having quick meal or breakfast on the run.

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is also a great way to change up your kitchen. Most everyone dreams of having space and light while not being boxed in and sequestered away from everyone else when cooking and preparing meals. The possibilities are endless with an open floor plan. From islands and peninsulas to under-counter refrigeration separate dishwashing drawers. Again, talk with your plumber when designing your new layout. He can make suggestions that may save you money and hassles

Colors Say It All

Alexandria kitchen remodeling

Colors are truly important when it comes to a kitchen remodel. One of the most popular colors that homeowners are choosing is blue. Blue can make your kitchen look much larger and it is a color that goes with practically any color scheme. There are quite a few complimentary colors that you can use to make the blue hue really stand out. Once you have decided on just the right shade of blue, from turquoise to cornflower and everywhere in between, choose a few accent colors to set it off. Some well-placed artwork and maybe some new dishes will help tie your new look all together.

Installing A New Garbage Disposal

When your old garbage disposal is no longer doing the job that it should, it’s time to look into having a new one installed. You can do it yourself if you are skilled at plumbing, but can be much harder and more involved than it looks. There are many local plumbers who know how to install the disposals in your kitchen correctly and safely.

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Some Professional Tips

Installing a garbage disposal isn’t the easiest task that you can tackle in your home. If you feel inclined to do it yourself, make sure that you know exactly what to do and what steps you need to follow. If you are unsure of what to do, ask your Fairfax plumber for their help. There are many steps for you to follow in order to make sure it all goes according to plan.

The first tip that your local plumber will give to you is to make sure that the old drain and all of its pieces have been taken out of the sink. You will have to disconnect all of the power to it as well, so as to not shock yourself when you are making the installation. When connecting the new parts and the new disposal, it is always best to start with a fresh, clean slate.


Other Installation Tips And Techniques

Before you can truly start the full installation, you will need to remove the sink strainer. It is the piece that looks like a large ball that covers the pipe. Once you have taken that off, it is time to start mounting the major parts. The mounting assembly is the first piece that goes on. After you have gotten that in place, make sure that all of the screws are on good and tight. You can now mount the new disposal. It is important to make sure that you connect the waste pipe to the new disposal. This will help the disposal flush waste into your system. The final step is to connect the power source. This is key to having the disposal working.


Advice From The Professionals

There is plenty of advice that local plumbers can give you about the installation of a new disposal. If you can follow all of these tips, you are on your way to a successful installation. If you feel as if you need more help, your local plumber can do the installation for you. They can even let you observe as they install the disposal. If you truly want to learn how to do a full installation, ask your plumber to walk you through step by step. They can name the parts for you and perhaps they will even let you take part in the installation. The more that you can learn from watching someone else do it, the better you will be at an installation when it comes time for you to do one on your own. Your next disposal installation may not be right around the corner, but it may come sooner than you think.

Hiring A Professional To Install Your Appliances

When it is time to buy new appliances, it can be hard enough choosing the ones that you think are right for your home. After the grueling task of having to make a difficult decision, then you have to get them home and install them. That can be very tiring. There are many different professionals that can come and install your appliances for you. Many of these companies are local plumbers that can lend a helping hand.


Dishwashers Can Be Tricky

Your Alexandria plumbing company is just one of the many companies that can help you with the installation of your new appliances. Professional plumbers can install many different types of appliances. One of the most popular to have installed is the dishwasher. Many homeowners find it difficult to install a dishwasher because of the different pipes and the attachment to the plumbing. Your local plumber can install it for you in order to make sure that it is not only done correctly, but also safely, ensuring that you do not damage it or yourself when attempting to do the installation. If you do not have the installation knowledge, it is best to just let the professionals do it for you.

Alexandria plumbing company



Stoves May Be Tougher Than They Appear

Another tough appliance to install is the stove. There are many different options these days for a stove and they can be electric or gas. Because gas can be very dangerous when installing a new stove, a professional can be the one who installs it for you. This will keep everyone safe and keep any mistakes or accidents from happening because of improper connections or a leak. The same applies to the cook top. All of these appliances seem pretty easy until you go to install them. Call up a professional in order to make this experience a pleasant one.


Washers And Dryers Can Pose Issues

Other major appliances that are difficult to install on your own are the washer and dryer. Because of the different connections that need to be made with them, this task should be one that is solely left up to the professionals. Some homes call for gas dryers and just like with ovens, this can be a hard task to accomplish. Calling on a professional for this job seems to be the best bet for a proper installation with no hassle.


New Water Lines Need To Be Done Properly

Refrigerators usually need water lines hooked up to them. If you do not have an existing water line run already, it may be best to let the professionals handle this installation, as well. New water lines need to be connected to your plumbing system in the right place, and ran safely through your floor to the refrigerator.

If you are having major problems getting your appliances installed, the best advice is to call a professional. Many of these appliances can be a bit of a hassle and it is very important to make sure that they are installed correctly the first time.