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How To Make Sure That The Appliances In Your Fredericksburg Home Are In Great Shape

Being a homeowner, especially here in Fredericksburg, comes with many joys: a great community that you are invested in, a piece of Fredericksburg that you can call your own, the ability to use your house as an income property, and the ability to increase your resale value through upgrades. That said there is one major drawback to owning a home as well: when something goes wrong with a major household appliance, there is no landlord or property manager who will show up to fix it. Handling such repairs as a homeowner can be costly and time-consuming. Luckily, this article will highlight some of the appliance issues you may have, as well as ways that you can fix them!


Heating And Air-Conditioning Problems


Winters here in Fredericksburg may not be as bad as they are in some parts of the country (we’re looking at you, Minneapolis!) and summers tend to be milder as well, but it is still important to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If either your furnace or air-conditioning unit should stop working when they are needed most, you could be facing some serious discomfort, as well as potential safety issues. If this is the case, it is important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible, for your comfort and safety. Fortunately, for the Fredericksburg homeowner, there are many great HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) companies here in the local area who are able to help you out. If you are facing extreme heat or cold while waiting for your particular furnace or air-conditioner to be fixed, you might want to consider staying somewhere else—perhaps a friend or relative’s house, or even a hotel.


Water Heater Problems


Fredericksburg water heaters


We all love having hot water. After all, who likes to take their morning shower in ice-cold water? Having a working water heater makes that hot shower possible. If your water heater stops working properly, you will find that you are left in the cold! Fortunately, there are many service providers who are able to repair or replace water heaters in Fredericksburg. Try giving one a call next time you find that things get a little icy! Service is usually quick and efficient, but if you do end up having to wait a day or two for that warm shower, try bathing the old-fashioned way: warm up enough water on your stove top so that you can at least have a hot bath. This may be a time-consuming process, but it beats showering in the cold.


Refrigerator Repair


If you find that your refrigerator is no longer working, there are many refrigerator repair companies here in Fredericksburg that you can call to fix the problem. Again, someone should be able to come out to you relatively quickly, but if you have to wait more than a couple of hours, try putting all of your perishable foods on ice. It is not recommended to let any perishable foods sit for more than a couple of hours, as that is how bacteria can grow.

Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Your water heater is what provides the hot water for your home or business. So water heater maintenance is very important especially when the weather gets cold. Here are some simple maintenance tips to help keep your water heater running efficiently no matter what the season.


Types of Water Heaters


water heaters Alexandria


There are several different types of water heaters. Some of the various types of water heaters include, oil fired water heaters, electric water heaters, gas water heaters, and tank less water heaters. Each type of water heater has a different cost as well as a different level of efficiency. If you water heater needs to be repaired or replaced, talk to a professional plumber to decide which type is right for your home and your family.


Testing And Flushing Your Water Heater


One of the most important things you can do to keep your water heater running properly is to make sure that a certified, licensed, professional plumber flushes and tests the water heater on a regular basis. This should be done before the temperature starts to drop, because your water heater works overtime during the fall and winter months. Flushing your water heater removes sediment. If the sediment is not removed from your water heater it can cause it to run inefficiently or make it break down. The temperature of your water heater should not exceed one hundred and twenty-five degree Fahrenheit (125 F). In order to ensure that your household full of holiday guests has enough hot water, ask your guests to wait at least ten minutes between showers. You should also run your dishwasher and washing machine only in the evening to save water. If you do have a problem with the water in your home, such as no hot water or not enough, you probably need to consult an expert plumber because it could be a problem with your water heater. If you’re in Alexandria for example, find a plumber who specializes in Alexandria water heaters. You can find a professional plumber to help you by using word of mouth or by searching the internet.


Other Water Conservation Tips


There are plenty of ways to conserve water in your home. A simple thing to do is to have a certified, licensed professional plumber repair any leaking faucets or pipes in your home. Another thing that a professional plumber can do is install low-flow toilets, which use less water. You can even save water by turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth.


Don’t Use Harsh Chemical Cleansers


Harsh chemical cleansers not only give off strong odors, but they’re also hazardous to the environment. You can use other things that you already have in your home like vinegar, baking soda, and bleach instead. To clear a minor drain clog for instance, use baking soda mixed with hot water. You can use the same mixture to sanitize your sink. And you can use a hot water and bleach mixture to keep your garbage disposal clean too. These useful tips will help give you a cleaner, greener home. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is a healthy and safe environment for you, your family, and your guests.



Benefits Of Water Conditioning Systems And The Best Products

There are many different reasons that people will have a water conditioning system installed in their homes. One of these reasons is that they have hard water. By installing a water conditioning system, there are quite a few important benefits. There are also many different types of systems to choose from that can help to treat the hard water in the home.


Hard Water Issues

One of the reasons that people invest in water softeners is to combat hard water issues in their homes. Hard water is generally caused by too much magnesium, calcium, and iron. It can cause problems in your washer, dishwasher, shower, sinks, and toilets. A plumber in Alexandria can help to install one of the many different types of water conditioning systems. They can give advice according to your specific situation and budget, as well.


Many Benefits Of Water Conditioning

So what are the benefits of these systems? Having soft water in your home can help to get your dishes and silverware much cleaner. Hard water has a tendency to cause water spots that make your silverware look dirty. Having soft water gets rid of those spots. Your laundry will be brighter, no more dingy whites. Many people do not realize that soft water can even make your hair and skin feel cleaner and softer. You will notice almost instantly how soft your hair and skin feel after you make the change to a water conditioning system.

plumber in Alexandria



Types Of Water Conditioning Systems

There are quite a few water softeners on the market today. Your local plumber can give you a wide variety of choices. Some of the best ones will be listed here. One of the best salt-free water softeners is made by Nuvo. It is called the Nuvo H2O. It works by preventing minerals from being deposited in the water supply. It helps to keep your pipes very clean and free of rust and extra salts.

For a dual-tank water softener, Fleck is a very well know company in the world of water conditioning systems. The Fleck 9000 happens to be one of their popular models. These water softeners flow continuously and the water is softened as soon as it is installed.


Selecting The Best System

If you think that your home does have hard water, there are many different tests that your local plumber can run for you. These tests will help you to determine if you have hard water and what are the mineral deposits in your water that make it this way. Your plumber can help you to pick out just the right system for your home. They can also install it for you if you are unsure of how to do so.

Hard water can cause many problems in your home and can end up damaging your pipes, appliances, and fixtures. Making sure that you have just the right conditioning system is just one job that your local plumber can do for you. Find out what system will work best for your home, and start enjoying the benefits of soft water.   

Stop Wasting Water In The Bathroom

Three Places To Save Water


Rising utility costs are often the result not of higher energy prices, but the waste caused by homeowners who do not pay attention to how much water or electricity they are using.  The bathroom is an area of the home where a lot of water is wasted, either because of neglect or because the fixtures are contributing to the problem.  These tips should help you save money and water in your bathroom.


Running Toilet


The toilet uses a lot of water, and if there is a problem with any part of the system the water will continue to run non-stop.  The biggest issue is a toilet with a slow leak from the tank into the bowl, as there is little sound of running water and no water on the floor to show that there is a problem.  If you suspect that you have a slow leak in your toilet tank put some food coloring in the tank and let it sit for an hour.  If there is a leak, the coloring will show up in the bowl, and you will know that you need to call one of the plumbers in Alexandria VA.


Shower Time


Americans love their showers, but they tend to ignore just how much water they use when they shower.  You can reduce your water usage by quite a bit simply by switching over to a flow inhibitor shower head, which reduces the water pressure of the shower head, while still giving your body plenty of water coverage.  There is also evidence to suggest that showers more than five minutes do not get the body any cleaner than a five minute shower, so if you want to save some money and some water, cut down on your shower time.


Brushing Your Teeth


toothbrushAll of your life you have probably been told to shut off the water when you brush your teeth, but the majority of adults still fail to follow this very basic water saving rule.  Though you might only waste a couple of gallons while you brush your own teeth, when you consider the other members of your household and multiply all of those gallons by the number of days in a month or a year, the amount of water wasted becomes staggering.  The solution is very easy: keep the water turned off if you are not using it for brushing.


Saving water will continue to be more and more important, and the continued increases to utility costs will make the savings more necessary.  By doing these things you will be able to reduce your consumption and save some money.