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Remodeling Your Beautiful Fredericksburg Home

If you have a home here in Fredericksburg, consider yourself lucky. This is a beautiful area with amazing housing stock. Perhaps you are looking to get even more out of your Fredericksburg home: to increase its resale value while making it more spacious and comfortable for you and your family. If this is the case, you should consider remodeling your home. Yes, it does take time, energy, and resources, but the end result is so worth it. Turning your home into your dream home yields great rewards, financially and emotionally. Also, keep in mind that you do not need to remodel your whole house all at once: you can tackle it one room at a time, prioritizing the rooms that need the most work—after all, Rome was not built in a day! This article will identify some of the areas of your Fredericksburg home that might be popular candidates for remodeling. It will also give you tips on how you can carry out your project.


Bathroom Remodeling


Fredericksburg bathroom remodel


Perhaps you love everything about your house except the bathroom. Maybe the tile and wallpaper look dated, the layout does not suit you, or you need more space in the shower. Perhaps you have been dying to install an amazing hot tub! If you find yourself in any of these situations, don’t worry, there are plenty of Fredericksburg bathroom remodeling companies who can help you out! Whether you are looking for a simple change – like switching out your sink for a better one – or are looking to gut the whole bathroom, these remodelers can work with you from start to finish. A good remodeler here in Fredericksburg will work with you in the initial designing and planning stages of the remodel, up until the last nail is in place.


Kitchen Remodeling


This is one of the most arduous remodeling tasks, given the size of a typical kitchen, as well as the sheer number of cabinets and appliances it may have. Do not let this scare you off though, a newly remodeled kitchen can add great resale value to your Fredericksburg home, as well as make cooking a lot more convenient. Whether you are looking to upgrade appliances, switch out your countertops, take out a wall to open the kitchen up to the rest of the house, or redo the cabinets, a good contractor will be able to help you through your kitchen remodel.


Finishing Your Fredericksburg Basement


Just because your basement was dingy and unfinished when you bought the house doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. With a good contractor, your basement can help round out your dream home. You can turn it into a den complete with carpeting and furniture, a “man cave” with a bar and pool table, or an income unit that you can rent out, complete with bedroom, bathroom, and living room. Really, with a big enough basement, the possibilities are endless. This is another project that may take a long time – and some serious elbow grease – to complete, but when you are finished, you will have added so much space to your existing Fredericksburg home!

Things To Consider If You’re Thinking Of A Bathroom Remo/Reno

There are a lot of things to consider if you’re thinking of renovating or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. Any home improvement project is a big decision that you shouldn’t rush. Here are a few of the factors that you should consider before you decide whether or not to remodel your kitchen or bathroom.


Do-It Yourself (DIY) vs. Hiring A Professional


If you’re a do-it yourselfer (DIY-er) you might be thinking of taking on your home improvement project all by yourself. But hiring a professional plumber or contractor to assist you in the first place will save you money, time, and frustration in the long term. A professional plumber or contractor can help you ensure that your newly renovated kitchen or bathroom gets done on time and on budget. A professional plumber can even help you pick the most energy-efficient state of the art appliances, toilets, flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures. So your new kitchen or bathroom will be both beautiful and green. They can even upgrade the plumbing system in your home to make sure that you get the most out of your new kitchen or bathroom. So if you want a new kitchen or bathroom hiring a professional really is the best way to go.


Do Your Research


Before you begin any home improvement project, it’s important to do your research. Shop around at home centers, look at all the options, and think about what kinds of changes you want to make and how much money you want to spend. Reading interior design magazines and watching home improvement shows are also great ways to get ideas.


Buy As Many Materials As You Can In Advance


When it comes to home remodeling, a lot of things like countertops and vanities have to be special ordered. But to save time, you can buy smaller items like plumbing fixtures, faucets, and tubs ahead of time.


Shower Storage And Shower Rods


Alexandria bathroom remo



A professional plumber or contractor can advise you on the best ways to maximize storage space in your shower. They can help you choose the right shelves for your shower. And did you know that using a curved shower rod instead of a straight one will create more space in the shower? A professional plumber or contractor does. A professional plumber can also help you decide which design ideas are the most practical and feasible within the existing space that you have to work with.


Finding A Professional Plumber Or Contractor in Your Area


If you’re looking for a professional plumber or contractor to help with your Alexandria bathroom remodeling project, there are several ways to find one. For example, you can find a professional plumber or contractor in your area by word of mouth. Ask friends, family members, or coworkers for a trusted recommendation. You can also search online for a professional plumber or contractor in your area. Remodeling or renovating your kitchen or bathroom is no easy task. But these steps will help you make the right decisions to get you started on the path to a beautiful brand new kitchen or bathroom.

Toilet Replacement Can Be A DIY Plumbing Task

There are plenty of tasks around your home that you’ll need to hire a professional plumber to complete. But if you consider yourself handy, there are several plumbing tasks and repairs that you can do yourself without hiring a plumber. Doing small plumbing maintenance and repair tasks yourself will save you time and money.





Toilet Removal


Replacing a toilet is one plumbing task that you can do yourself in just a few easy steps. The first step in replacing a toilet is to shut off the water supply to the existing toilet. Then remove the lid and drain the tank. Next, remove the caps and nuts from the base of the toilet bowl. To do this you’ll probably need an open-ended wrench or a pair of needle-nosed pliers. After you have removed the caps and nuts, you’re ready to remove the existing toilet. Place a rag into the drain opening to prevent sewer gas fumes from entering your home. After you’ve removed the old toilet, you’re ready to install the new one.


Toilet Installation


The first step in installing a new toilet is to install new bolts and a new wax seal. But make sure you remove the rag from the drain opening before you do this. The next step is to attach the new tank to the new bowl. Put the tank seal in place before you place the new tank on the bowl. Put the tank bolts in the proper holes and tighten them. Be careful not to over tighten the bolts. If the bolts are too tight, the toilet will crack. It’s a good idea to attach the bowl to the floor before installing the new toilet tank. Set the tank and bowl onto the new wax seal. Remember to line up the mounting bolts with the mounting holes in the toilet bowl. Then tighten the nuts on the toilet bowl so it isn’t wobbly. Connect the new supply tube to the new toilet tank. And finally, attach the seat to the new toilet using the bolts that came with your replacement toilet. Now, your new toilet is ready to use.


I’m Not A DIY-er (Do-It Yourselfer)?


Sounds too complicated? Want to hire a professional plumber instead of installing a new toilet yourself? Finding a plumber in your area is simple. Just do a quick internet search for plumbers in your area. If you’re looking for an Alexandria plumbing company, for example, just type those key words into your search engine. Another easy way to find a professional plumber in your area is to ask your friends, family, or your neighbors for a recommendation. Word of mouth is a great way to ensure that you’re hiring an experienced and qualified plumbing professional to install your new toilet. Hiring an experienced plumber is the best way to ensure that the job is done correctly. Hiring a professional plumber also eliminates the need for further repairs if you make a mistake when you try to do the repair on your own.

3 Basic Factors To Consider When Launching A Home Remodeling Project

A house that is actually a home is one of the most invaluable possessions that you can have. In addition to being a valuable investment, a home also offers aesthetic and existential benefits like safety, security and comfort. Typically, a home remodeling/renovation project, also known as a home makeover, is usually conducted to enhance the functional properties that are usually associated with the aforementioned benefits. The project includes many physical and logistical improvements on a given house; in a bid to boost its functional and aesthetic appeal. The process involves the repair and replacement of various installations, materials, appliances, and fixtures in order to enhance the building’s structural, architectural, plumbing, and electrical systems. Whether it’s a partial house renovation or a full home makeover, any remodeling project is quite resource-intensive. As such, you should plan carefully for such an undertaking and implement effective project management measures to ensure project success. As you prepare and plan to launch your home remodeling project, remember to keep the following points in mind.


Professional Input


A home remodeling project is one of the most demanding undertakings for any individual homeowner. According to industry analysts, this kind of project requires great expertise and experience, and special equipment in order to succeed — due to its high logistical, infrastructural, and financial demands. As such, it is advisable to consider professional assistance at the very beginning of the project. To start with, you need to consult a professional designer/remodeler, such as a professional plumber, regarding various practical project details. For instance, you can consult a reliable Alexandria plumber regarding various budgetary issues. You also need a professional to draft the schematic designs for the makeover; not to mention the need for contractors.


Project Size


Before you engage in any significant project-related activity or task, you need to define the project size or scope. Essentially, the size of the project defines almost all the other project details including the cost/budget, design style, and professional and material needs. In other words, the scope determines the feasibility and success of the undertaking. The project size depends on your specific needs and preferences in relation to the makeover goals and objectives. Also, the project size affects the home renovation budget and vice versa. Depending on any of the factors mentioned above, you might decide to go for a full home makeover or a partial/limited renovation, such as a kitchen- or bathroom-only renovation project.


Project Cost, Budget And Financing


plumber Alexandria


Whether you like it or not, money will always be a crucial factor in any project undertaking — private or otherwise. In this instance, money is actually the “program controller.” As mentioned above, the home remodeling cost/budget will affect the project size and vice versa. Therefore, you need to create a realistic budget estimate based on the projected renovation costs including materials’ and installations’ costs, miscellaneous costs, and any other overhead expenses. The importance of creating a budget estimate in advance cannot be emphasized enough. For starters, the budget will control the project size and streamline the project management process. Secondly, the budget will help assess project feasibility at the beginning. Finally, the budget will determine your project financing strategies. As you can see, a budget estimate is very essential for this project — even if you can’t create an itemized budget, you need to come up with a ballpark figure of the actual spend intended for the entire project.

Bathroom Reno Considerations

When you are ready to remodel your bathroom, you probably have many ideas of how you want it to look in your mind’s eye. Getting there means sifting through ideas, hints, and costs; ultimately weighing and balancing a pros and cons list of what matters most.

Adding A Sewer Line

Possibly installing or moving an existing sewer line in your home can be tough for a homeowner. This is a major reason to consult with your local plumber about the different options you have, and which will work best for your situation and budget. Contacting a plumber that provides Alexandria sewer services is a must for any sewer line work. Attempting this part of your project on your own can prove disastrous, not to mention that you are probably not up to date on safety and zoning codes. You could destroy parts of the old sewer line, as well, resulting in more repairs than you needed in the beginning. Using a professional is the best way to go concerning sewer lines. DIY’ers should limit themselves to toilet installation if they are feeling up to the challenge.

Choosing A New Toilet

Keeping your budget in mind, there are quite a few options for your toilet. Many homeowners are switching to self-flushing toilets in their new and improved bathrooms. This seems to be the trend in stores and restaurants, and you can use one in your bathroom, as well. They are on the higher end of the budget, so be sure that you find the right one for the right price.

Different Designs For Smaller Bathrooms

bathroom remodeling Alexandria

One of the bigger problems that a lot of people find with their bathrooms is the limited space available. Many designers have been using Asian inspired décor and spacing to help solve this problem. By using this type of design, homeowners have found that they have more space for storage and a more open feeling. With smaller storage containers and added wall accessories that also serve as storage, many homeowners love the way their new bathrooms look and feel with this design. Also, by using dark and rich colors with the perfect lighting, you will be amazed at how big your small bathroom will look.

Consider All Options

All of these options are very important for you to consider when it comes time to do a full bathroom remodel. With the right techniques and fixtures, you can have the bathroom that you have always wanted. When examining your budget and the renovations that you want, be sure to add up each and every fixture and addition. This gives you a more realistic amount, and will help you stay on track by eliminating or reducing unforeseen expenditures.

Having The Right Budget For Your Bathroom Renovations

It can be quite difficult to make the bathroom renovations that you want without completely emptying your bank account. It is possible, though. There are plenty of ways that you can make great changes and keep to the budget that you have in mind.

Consult Professionals

Once you know what you want, talk to some professionals and get their opinions, ideas, and estimates. This is the best way to see if the budget you have in mind is based in reality. Calling a plumber in Alexandria will allow you to make sure your redesign ideas will logically and practically work in the space you have available. They can give you a very brief run-down of how much you can expect to spend on your new bathroom remodel. They can often offer money saving tips that will work just as well, if not better.

Costs Add Up Quickly

Alexandria bathroom remodeling

If you are looking to do a more upscale bathroom, you will probably want a bigger walk-in shower with more than one showerhead. You may also be dreaming of a large soaking tub to bubble away your troubles at the end of a busy day. Perhaps dual vanities will save the day, and your spouse, during busy morning routines.

Whichever upgrades matter most to you, consulting professionals before beginning the project will better help you achieve your goals while maintaining your budget.

Do It Yourself Or Contractors

Part of your budget also includes the labor that goes into it. If you know how to do custom installations, the best idea may be for you to do the remodeling yourself. If you are not quite the best with the installations, it will be time for you to find some contractors to do the work. You can get different bids from the contractors in your neighborhood and this can give you some idea of how much you will be spending. Keep in mind that the labor that you will need can be quite costly. Many homeowners do not take this into account when they start to do bathroom remodeling.

It Is Ultimately About Balance

Keeping costs in mind when you start your remodeling will better help you stay on point throughout renovations. Many homeowners will start a huge project like this and then realize that they do not have enough money to finish it. This is such a letdown and to make sure that it does not happen to you, remember to add everything up and pick the fixtures that you can afford. Perhaps gold-plate faucets are not a must-have, but a towel warmer is. Make a list of what you really want and the things that you don’t necessarily need. When you balance the list, you can be sure to stay within your budget and still love the finished product.

Professional Tips On Renovating Bathrooms

Many homeowners get bored with many parts of their home after a few years. It is important that they change things up a bit in order to be happier with their home. Many will also do renovations to sell the home and increase the value. One of the rooms that is constantly being renovated is the bathroom. Some homeowners like to do the renovations themselves. Professional plumbers have some tips on what to do and what not to do when it is time to make drastic changes to your bathroom.


Costs And Budgeting


One of the most important tips that your Alexandria plumber will give you is to make sure that you have a solid budget. If you come across unexpected problems when you begin the renovations, there could be problems if you are not prepared financially. Most professionals suggest that you allow anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 over your initial budget. Quite a few homeowners come across problems with changing the floor or shower when attempting to do bathroom renovations. This is where that extra money can come in handy.


Showers Add Value Quickly

Another tip that your plumber will give you is to spend a god chunk of the budget on a new shower. By installing a larger shower with a beautiful door and powerful head, you will really add value, not to mention enjoy taking a shower and relaxing in beautiful surroundings. If you change the surfaces in the bathroom as well, for instance, adding marble to the shower or to the vanity, be ready to spend a lot more time in the bathroom. This room may become your favorite one in the house.

Alexandria bathroom remodel



Make Room For What You Want

It is very important that you make enough room in your renovated bathroom for the things that you want the most. One of these things tends to be a vanity. If you are looking to make changes, the vanity is generally one of those, since it generally is the focal point of the bathroom. Make sure that you have given yourself enough space in the bathroom to install the vanity that you want and will use for many more years to come.


Lighting Is Important

When you are choosing and installing the lights in the bathroom, make sure that there is actually enough light to make the bathroom bright. The bathroom is used to get dressed and groomed, so it needs to be well lit. There are lights that have dimmers that can be installed, too, for those times that you want to lower the lights and take a candle lit bath or shower.


Don’t Waste Money

Hopefully, these helpful hints can help keep you from wasting money and time on the renovations. When you decide to take on the challenge of renovating the bathroom, there is much to know and learn. By following these do’s and don’ts, your bathroom project can be a true success story with the right budget and time. 

Tips For a Properly Working Toilet

Check Your Toilet’s Operation Regularly

If you are going to have a slow leak someplace in your plumbing system it is probably going to have something to do with your toilet.  There are a lot of moving parts, and a lot of ways that the toilet can leak water, and that means you need to spend a little bit of time looking at its operation to be sure that it is working properly.  These three tips will help to ensure that your toilet is in tip top shape and will help to save you money on your water bill.


Obvious Issues


You should start checking your toilet’s operation by carefully inspecting all of the parts of the toilet for obvious damage.  See if there is any water on the floor around the toilet and look for cracks or other signs of severe damage.  Even a small crack in the base of the toilet tank can case a slow leak that will cost you hundreds of dollars a year in wasted water.


Hidden Leaks


food colorThere are a lot of places where your toilet can leak, and those small leaks are almost impossible to find with the naked eye.    The best way to find the hidden leaks in your toilet is to use food coloring to trace the flow of water through the toilet tank and bowl.  For this test you will want to use a brightly colored food dye, usually a red or a purple, and you need to be sure that you have any kind of toilet cleaning chemicals out of the bowl.  Put the dye in the toilet tank and wait for the results.  You will be able to see any slow leaks in the system if you notice that the food coloring has moved from the toilet tank to the bowl within an hour.


Flushing Issues


Over time you may have gotten used to the toilet not flushing as well as it used to.  The damage to the flapper valve and the other internal parts of the toilet tank happen slowly, and you might not even notice that something has changed.  Check to be sure that the handle is not loose and that you are not holding the handle down for more than a second or two to get the toilet flushed.  Every second that you spend holding down the handle wastes a lot of water, and this cost adds up very quickly.


The plumbing Alexandria VA homes have need to be maintained to work as intended.  A careful inspection of the toilet every few months will ensure that you notice any leaks or issues before they become catastrophes.

Efficiency In Your Bathroom Plumbing: Areas Where You Can Save Money

Going green is the trend amongst home builders and contractors all over the United States, and so it is becoming increasingly important to find the right appliances and fixtures to save money and the environment.  In the bathroom you will find several areas where you can install green fixtures, and most of the time you will not see much of a drop off in performance.  These are the most common efficient fixtures and appliances for your bathroom.


Low Flow Toilet


Several years ago the Federal government mandated that all plumbers and plumbing supply companies switch to the low flow toilet model.  Older model toilets tend to use more than three gallons per flush, but the newer low flow toilets use only 1.6 gallons.  Though there were some problems in the beginning, the changes to the design of low flow toilets have increased the water pressure in the flush, and there have not been as many issues with debris clogging the pipes after a flush.  If you have toilets that were installed prior to 1994, or you have the older model low flow toilets, you should consider upgrading.


Flow Inhibitor Showers


The morning shower is part of the daily ritual of most Americans, but this is also one of the places where a lot of water is wasted in the home.  While it is relaxing to stand in the water and enjoy the feeling of the water on your skin, much of the water is wasted and goes completely unused.  A flow inhibitor shower head drastically reduces the amount of water that your shower head uses, and you will definitely see a change in your water usage.  It will take a little getting used to, since the pressure will feel much less than you might be used to using, but the reduced flow is worth the exchange.


Tankless Water Heater


tankless whFinally, the one appliance that will immediately increase your home’s water efficiency and reduce your utility costs is the tankless water heater.  Rather than wasting water and energy heating water that is not going to be used, a tankless water heater heats water on demand whenever you want it.  You will start to see savings right away, and within  the first couple of years the savings will offset the cost of the unit.  Plumbers in Fairfax VA can give you a full selection of the types of tankless hot water heaters available.


Saving money and the environment are the aims of green fixtures and appliances.  If you want to be more green in your home, these are your best choices for your bathroom.

Tips For Keeping The Shower Running Smoothly

A Shower You Can Look Forward To

The morning routine is pretty similar for most Americans. You wake up, maybe have a cup of coffee, and then it is time for a hot shower before you start your day. A good, strong shower is relaxing and can get you in the right mindset to move forward, but a bad shower leaves you frustrated and starts the day off wrong. Most of the time you do not need a plumber to fix small shower issues, and not only will taking care of it yourself save you some money, it will also allow you to start looking forward to your shower again.

The Strainers And Drains

A common problem that people have with showers is standing water. You are in the middle of your shower and you look down to find that the water is not draining as fast as it should be, which leads to your feet and ankles soaking in nasty shower water. The reason for this is that the drain is not allowing as much water through as it needs. Often this is a result of the strainer being too clogged with soap and hair to work effectively, but this problem can be solved by taking the strainer off and cleaning it in the sink. If the drain is still not working correctly you can solve the problem with some drain cleaner; however, if the problem persists, it is time to check with a plumber.

The Shower head

dirty-shower-headIrregular or slow flow will leave you feeling dirty and that the shower cannot get you clean, no matter how long you are in there. This problem can generally be traced back to a slow flowing shower head. Over time the minerals in water build up and cause crystalline formations around the faucets in the home, including your shower head. The best way to take care of this issue is to fill a small container with vinegar, disconnect the shower head and let it soak in the vinegar overnight. This will break down the mineral deposits and restore flow to the shower head.

The Shower Curtain

Finally, an issue that many people face with their shower is the smell of mildew or black streaks in the shower. Because of the amount of moisture in the bathroom mold and mildew can form quickly, no matter how hard you try to keep it from happening. If you use a collapsible curtain make certain that it is fully spread after you are done in the shower, as this lets water drain more easily. For other shower curtains you will need to wipe them dry when you are done, and that should keep them looking good for years.  If the mold has made it’s way behind your tub you may need a Virginia mold removal team.

A good shower is a great way to start the day, and by taking care of your shower you can start having those good showers soon. Serious problems with your plumbing will require a qualified Fairfax plumber homeowners trust.