Pipes are commonly used to supply and distribute water in the building, dispose of rainwater above the ground, dispose of water from sinks, tubs, and washing machines, and drain waste water to septic tanks or town and city sewers. There are different types of pipes for residential or commercial buildings that are available in the market today. Even though there are other types of pipes used, these are some of the most common ones that are available at your local hardware stores.


Copper Pipes

Copper pipes are mostly utilized in both underground and above ground pipe systems for distributing hot and cold water, as well as in HVAC systems for refrigerant lines. They are also used in traditional plumbing due to their extensive duration and reliability. They are highly resistant to corrosion and can be managed easily. Its smooth surface provides little resistance to the water flow.


Plastic Or PVC Pipes

There are three types of PVC or plastic pipes commonly available, namely unplasticized PVC (UPVC) or rigid pipes used for cold water, Plasticized PVC pipes which are plasticized with the addition of rubber, and Chlorinated PVC (CPVC) pipes which can withstand higher temperatures up to 1200, used to carry hot water. At higher temperatures, the strength of the PVC or plastic pipes decreases. They have a wide variety of plumbing uses from drainage pipe to water mains but most commonly used for irrigation, home, and building supply piping, as well as sewage applications. Plastic pipes are chemical resistant, environmentally safe, provide lasting quality, economical and easy to install.


Galvanized Steel Pipes

These types of pipes are strong and commonly found in older homes. They are made of steel, and the galvanizing process deposits a thin coating of zinc which protects it from corrosion. Galvanized pipes are still considered a safe transport for drinking water and water distribution. They require cutting and threading when installing and are not often used nowadays.


Concrete Pipes

Concrete Pipes have structural strength and are environment-friendly. They are best suitable for carrying the waste water in a sewer line and get stronger with the passage of time. These pipes are resistant to abrasion and most chemicals.


Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron pipes are primarily used for transmission of water, gas, and sewage, as well as a water drainage pipe in water disposal systems. They are chemical resistant and have high tensile strength. They are either horizontally cast, vertically cast or centrifugally cast and are made by spinning or by the sand cast process.


PEX Pipes

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PEX pipes are flexible pipes and the newest pipe for residential use. They are commonly used for hot and cold water in homes and HVAC systems due to its resistance to hot and cold temperatures. These pipes are widely used now, have competitive pricing, and are easy to use. However, more permanent installations require a special crimping tool and these pipes cannot be used outdoors because ultraviolet rays can damage its outer plastic layer. PEX pipe offers many advantages over other plumbing pipe materials but must also be treated carefully. It is highly advised that if you choose to use these types of pipes, you consult a professional Alexandria plumber for advice on how to use PEX pipes correctly.