A plumber is a trades-person or craftsman who installs and repairs pipes and fixtures and appliances used for drinking water, sewage and drainage in plumbing systems. Plumbing is one of the most important and significant assets of a home and provides services ranging from bathing and drinking water to sewage removal, and more. Since plumbing systems are complex, installations and repairs can be costly and sometimes, even extensive, and every homeowner wants to make sure that they hire a plumber who is trustworthy and proficient for home repairs or reconstructions. That being said, there are qualities that you should look for when hiring a plumber. Basically, there are certain qualities that every plumber should possess which are just as important as his working tools.


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Licensing And Certification

First of all, every good plumber should be licensed and certified. This is real proof that he/she is knowledgeable in this line of work. It shows that the plumber has gone through the proper training, passed tests and met certain requirements. If a plumber does not have the appropriate state licensing to provide plumbing service and repair, chances of being hired are low since a lot of people avoid contracting an individual who is not qualified.



Depending on the complexity of plumbing services, a plumber should have enough experience to offer quality services. For simple tasks, a novice or journeyman may do OK, but for complex situations, a master plumber is often required.. Experience will save a lot of time and costs, which could lead to hiring another plumber after the inexperienced one fails to do an efficient job.



Just like experience matters, a plumber should be knowledgeable enough to offer competent plumbing services and advice. A lot of buildings and homes have faulty plumbing systems that are a result of incompetence. A good, competent plumber will assess and complete the job quickly without leaving possible future malfunctions and will also give suggestions for the best options for your plumbing system.



A good plumber should earn trust by being reliable enough to complete the job during the time frame indicated. Also, he/she should show up to offer services on time to avoid inconveniences. He/she should respect your time, respect your home, arrive fully prepared, provide a clear estimate and answer any questions you might have.



The best plumbers get talked about, and they have a good standing reputation within their local communities. Their reputation encompasses the qualities mentioned above, and it is the reason why people hire them. If you are not asking a friend for a local plumber, you can search the internet and look for their reviews and recommendations from previous clients. A good plumber will always have plenty of happy customers whom he can provide as references.