A sewer is a plumbing system consisting of underground pipes used to transport drainage water and waste matter out of a home or building. Sewers are critical in our daily activities and take a particular process to install. When installing a sewer line for your property, it is advisable to consult a professional commercial and/or residential plumbing services company in your area because the process requires a lot of coordination with your local city or town. For example, if you are in Alexandria, look up an  sewer services provider. They can help and walk you through the process and explain the sewer pipe installation cost for your locality and home. The cost of installing a sewer line may or may not fall directly on you, but regardless, it is good to be well informed about the different factors that impact the overall cost of installation.


Existing Pipe

The installation of a sewer line can be more complicated if it involves replacing an old sewer line. Digging out the old pipe could increase the cost to install a sewer line, as there might be other utility services such as a gas line, running above the sewer line. If full excavation becomes impossible, the option of slip lining, which is inserting a smaller pipe line into the existing pipe can be deployed, and this will cause an increase in the cost of the installation process.



Alexandria sewer repair


Some things might get in the way of digging, resulting in an increase in installation costs. For example obstacles such as a tree, landscaping or concrete will need to be removed so that the sewer line construction can begin.




The distance to the main connector line also plays a significant role in the cost of installing a sewer line. If the distance is too long, more pipes will be needed, and this will raise materials and labor costs.



Sewer line construction requires a permit issued by the relevant authority overseeing sewer services in the area. Most areas have regulations demanding acquiring the appropriate licenses and failure to do so is breaking the law, which can lead to severe fines and penalties or jail time. The authority in charge of sewer services charge a fee to issue the permits, and this too will have an impact on the overall cost of installing the sewer line.


Housing type

Some houses or buildings require the use of wider pipes for the sewer line. The kind of housing such as a standalone home, townhouse, or part of a housing tract can affect the cost to install the sewer line. In certain types of housing, installation of the sewer lines is part of the services offered by the local authority, while in others such as standalone houses, the owner is responsible for installing the sewer lines.