Hot water is a necessity in our lives. Water heaters can be electric or gas fueled. You should know how to operate your water heater easily and safely. You should also learn how to drain a water heater and perform simple repair and maintenance to the pressure valves to ensure they are working efficiently. However, if you are not comfortable doing the simple repairs and maintenance yourself, you can always call a contracting professional. The following are reasons why you should perform maintenance on your water heater.


Maintaining Warranty Protection


In case your water tank came with a warranty protection, you should maintain it so that you can keep its coverage over the years. If you don’t drain your water heater regularly, you will not be in a position to forward any claims in case of any damages that may occur.


Heating Water Within A Short Period


If you do not drain and clean your water heater regularly, sediment will build up at the bottom of the water tank, and this slows the water heating process. The more the sediment accumulates, the harder and longer the process of heat transfer. To prevent this, flush out the sediment by draining the water tank on a regular basis.


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Reduces Energy Bills


Once the water tank is drained regularly, the water will be heated faster hence less energy is used in the process. Less energy will reduce monthly bills in the process. When the water tank is maintained regularly, there will be less accumulation of sediments, and this means your home will only need fewer repairs hence reduction of the maintenance costs.


Noise Elimination


The interior buildup of water residue may cause the water heater to crackle. In case the water heater is installed close to a lounge or a living room, the noise can be quite disturbing. Regular draining and cleaning of the water tank will solve the noise issue. Draining and flushing will enable the whole system to perform efficiently, and the crackles will soon disappear. If the noise doesn’t stop, you can seek the services of an Arlington plumber to solve the problem.

Water heater draining is important to enable your heater to perform efficiently and also last longer. Many water heaters have a time span of eight to twelve years. Your water heater will break down on the earlier side of the time span if you are not maintaining it regularly. Just like other systems in your home, a simple or little maintenance will go a long way. In this case, a little maintenance of the water heater will enable your water tank to last three or more years longer. When you are servicing your electric heater, you should always turn off the power supply. In case you are using a gas heater, turn off the switch before maintenance. Getting the appropriate water heater suitable for your home and performing regular maintenance will keep you from premature replacements and costly repairs. You can contact Arlington plumber for any water heater installations, maintenance or other emergency plumbing services.